Happy 37th B Day To ME!!


Happy B Day To Me

Today is my 37th B Day and I couldn’t be more excited about the future.  I feel like thus far I have lived life as I had hoped to.  A lot of risks, a lot of rewards, a lot of mistakes and a lot of failures but these have all shaped me into the woman, wife and mother I am today!! 


Looking Into The Future

BUT, as I look forward I know that 40 is right around the corner and that is scary!  40 just seems like that magical age where people have mid-life crisis’s, they feel like they should have accomplished more in their life, what happened, where am I and where am I going, how did I get HERE, etc. and so on.  I know that my wrinkles will be a little deeper, my skin not quite as tight as it once was, my hair a little grayer, but I am hoping that my heart will be more full as I have the next 3 years to really live and experience things I’ve always wanted to experience with the people that I’ve always want to experience it with!  So I have created my list of 40 things I want to do before I turn 40.  My goal is not to do them alone, rather I want to do them with friends, family, and whomever is crazy enough to join me. 


40 Things I Want To Do Before I Turn 40

This is a BIG list and I think it will get more difficult as my new company grows, but hey, I’ve always dreamed BIG so nothing new to me!!  Here goes (in no particular order):

  1. Spectate the Rebull Rampage
  2. Visit the Timpanogos Caves
  3. Swim in the great Salt Lake
  4. Hike Mt. Olympus
  5. Heli ski in Alaska
  6. See the Northern Lights with my Mom
  7. Run a 5k for a good cause
  8. Be able to do 10 pullups in a row again
  9. Hike the Rim to Rim trail in the Grand Canyon
  10. Hike Angels Landing
  11. See the Masters in Augusta
  12. Swim in Crater Lake
  13. Spend the night in a tree house
  14. Spend the night under the stars during a meteor shower
  15. Go on a girl's mountain bike trip somewhere we've never been
  16. Take a couples cooking class
  17. Ski Brian Head Ski Resort
  18. Attend a yoga retreat
  19. Bike the Downeyville Downhill
  20. Zipline the Sundance zip lines
  21. Go on a rafting trip
  22. Hike the Kalalau Trail in Kauai
  23. Go back to the spot we got married and take family pictures
  24. See Bryce Canyon at sunrise
  25. Visit my BFF Emiko in Norway
  26. Mountain bike around Antelope Island
  27. Visit Yellowstone and swim in a hotsprings
  28. See the Spiral Jetty
  29. Swim out to the Tea House in Emerald Bay
  30. Learn how to rock climb
  31. Moto the Enduro Loop in Green River
  32. See a Ballet West performance other than the Nutcracker
  33. Go canyoneering in a really cool canyon (Birch Hollow or Cassidy Canyon in Capitol Reef)
  34. Visit Disneyland
  35. Family Hike in Capital Reef
  36. Visit a winery
  37. Hike Half Dome
  38. Bike across the Golden Gate Bridge
  39. Make a spontaneous turn on an adventure and camp there for a night
  40. Go on a houseboat trip in Lake Powel

Big Goals Equal Fun Adventures

I will document each one, share my experience on my blog and because this is my first blog, hopefully they will get better and better.  And who knows, maybe Zoe will teach me how to be an expert with video, as only young kids can teach us oldies.  LOL. 

So here’s to 37 years lived and the next 3 years of adventure before I turn the dreaded 4-Oooh!!

Shannon Happe