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You Know Shannon Can Ski, But Wait Until You Hear Her Speak!

Shannon Bahrke is one of the most recognized Olympic skiers with her signature pink hair and big smile, but it is her ability to make a lasting connection with her audience that makes her an exceptional keynote speaker.

Shannon's exciting and inspirational keynote speeches address winning, goal setting and the commitment required to achieve success.  A fantastic cornerstone for any corporate event, let Shannon inspire guests with her welcoming style and memorable take-aways.

*** All speeches are customizable to fit your group needs, goals and event focus. ***


Dream, Believe, Achieve!!

Shannon invites you into her world and takes you on her journey through three Olympics - Salt lake City, Torino and Vancouver.  In this exciting keynote, punctuated by breathtaking visuals, audiences are motivated by the tenacity and triumphs of this world-class athlete and inspired by her setbacks and comebacks.  Shannon's energy and authenticity make her a compelling and accessible speaker.  If you can imagine what it would be like to ski the bumps - while competing on speed, accuracy and audacious aerials! - you can imagine the thrill of experiencing Shannon's Olympic story.

Audience level: Appropriate for all audiences
Time: One hour, including Q&A
Audience experience/takeaways: Inspiration, entertainment, simple secrets to reaching big goals more often, performing when it counts


How to WIN and Keep on Winning

What does it take to win - and keep on winning?  How do you keep the fire burning and the passion alive?  Competing and winning on a world stage for more than a decade shaped Shannon's core philosophies as an athlete, entrepreneur and woman.  In this keynote, she shares her Olympic experiences and lessons learned.  With her signature style and contagious energy, Shannon offers a fresh look at winning and winning strategies.  This keynote will provide you and your team with discussion topics and actionable takeaways toward achieving dynamic, ongoing success.

Audience level: Appropriate for executive and management levels
Time: One hour, including Q&A
Audience experience/takeaways: Motivation, perspectives on defining and achieving success, team-building

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Goal Setting For Sustained Success

If you think goal-setting is straightforward and self-explanatory, then you need to hear this talk.  In her most instructive keynote, Shannon walks you through the steps of identifying your true ultimate goal - then testing it, breaking it down, and achieving it.  To endure and succeed in the exhilarating yet punishing sport of Freestyle Skiing is tough business, and in the final years of her career, Shannon learned about more productive goal-setting techniques.  Let her share her champion insights with you and change how you set goals from this point forward.

Audience level: Appropriate for executive and management levels
Time: One hour, including Q&A
Audience experience/takeaways: Inspiration, motivation, step-by-step process for goal-setting