Team Empower Hour

Olympians Empowering Leaders and Teams Around The Globe

Here at Team Empower we offer extraordinary experiences to enhance the overall success of your team.  We focus on leadership development, team building, keynote speeches and fitness workout classes. Team Empower Hour brings in a health & wellness component, all of our offerings are led by some of the world's most successful Olympians AND we customize your experience to fit perfectly into your important agenda!


Inspiration from Olympians

What better way to inspire your attendees than the chance to learn, interact with and be inspired by some of the world's most accomplished Olympians.  We all know what it means to have a dream so big it seems almost impossible to reach.  We also know what it means to take that dream and put a plan into place as to how to get there, both physically and mentally.  Allow our team of Olympians to help your team Dream Big, Plan Meticulously & Execute Brilliantly!!

Standing ON TOP of the podium

The ultimate goal of Team Empower Hour is to leave your team with all of the tools necessary to achieve a new level of success within your organization. In addition to that, we want each individual to leave our time together with a lasting impression of feeling empowered, confident, supported, rejuvenated, united, determined, thankful and inspired! Here are the 4 ways we can achieve BIG things with your leaders and teams:

 Leadership Development

Team Building

Keynote Speeches

Fitness Workout Classes

Build Your Custom Experience

We know that your company is unique in what goals you would like to accomplish, what you want to focus on and how you want to impact your team. We custom build our time together to make sure we accomplish what you set out to do. Allow our team of Olympians to inspire, to teach and to connect with your team like no other facilitators in the world can!