Team Empower Hour

Creating Golden Moments During Your Corporate Event

Here at Team Empower we offer extraordinary experiences to enhance the overall success of your corporate event, conference, retreat or meeting.  We bring in a health & wellness component, all of our offerings are led by some of the world's most successful Olympians AND we do all of this in a manageable "1 hour" timeframe that fits perfectly into your agenda!


Inspiration from Olympians

What better way to inspire your attendees than the chance to learn, interact with and be inspired by some of the world's most accomplished Olympians.  We all know what it means to have a dream so big it seems almost impossible to reach.  We also know what it means to take that dream and put a plan into place as to how to get there, both physically and mentally.  Allow our team of Olympians to help your team Dream Big, Plan Meticulously & Execute Brilliantly!!

Our 7 Get Up and Move Sessions

We have an exclusive team of Olympians and Experts who have custom built our sessions together to guarantee a successful corporate experience.  Each Olympian has proven that they have the vision, drive and perseverance to achieve success on the greatest stage in the world.    With their specialized knowledge and expertise, they bridge the gap from Olympic achievement to corporate victory. 


Build Your Custom Experience

We know that each and every company has unique challenges and specific goals, which is why we want to custom build your session or sessions to make sure you and your team are wildly successful.  So come on, join us Olympians and let us show you that Teamwork really does Make The Dream Work!!